Bananas have in different varieties in color and size, but its usually curved and elongated. Known for its natural sweetness and creaminess, bananas are usually added to some recipes and desserts like the well- known banana split. It has been believed that the bananas originated in Malaysia thousands of years ago. It’s usually found in […]

What an Avocado Can Do for You?

Came from Central America and Mexico, this berry fruit can grow in many places as long as the temperature is not too cold. Though the avocado has belonged to a fruit family, in modern culinary, the avocado is also included as part of some special dishes. It usually has a green color and smooth skin, […]

Top 5 Fruits that can Grow Anywhere in the World

After chatting with my buddy Carl who owns www.novicarpetcleaning.com (Told him I would plug his site……..LOL), there are thousands of different fruits grown worldwide, but some of them are very rare and cannot grow in other countries. Here is the list of the top 5 fruits that can grow elsewhere in the world. Generally, these […]

What is Fruit-Guide?

There are over hundreds of different types of fruits available worldwide. They come from different varieties, families, shapes, aromas, and colors. Fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen our immune system.  They also keep us away from various kinds of chronic diseases. Particularly, fruit is known to help people who have vitamin deficiencies. They keep us energized and […]