Lime is a generic word for fruits, especially citruses, usually round, yellow to green colored and containing a sour pulp.  It develops best in tropical areas. Lime is often associated with lemons and is used all over the world for spicing up foods or beverages.

There are many types of limes, including:

  • Australian desert lime
  • Australian finger lime
  • Australian round lime
  • Mandarin lime
  • Kaffir Lime
  • Palestine sweet lime
  • Spanish lime
  • Musk lime
  • Key lime

It is no wonder that countries where lime is used in the traditional cuisine, people are healthier. It is very low in fat but containing more then 40% vitamin C in 100 grams of pulp. It is used for soft drinks in Mexico, India, Tahiti, Thailand. It is irreplaceable in cocktails (gin and tonic, mojito, Cuba Libre, margarita, Capirinha, tequila) and in Beer (often combined in Mexico).
These fruits are also famous for protecting English sailors in the XIII-th century against a disease called “Scurvy”. They are also an excellent source of anti-oxidants and a very good accelerator for the immunity system.

They are so appreciated worldwide that they even founded AFABLE (Association for  Better Lime Experience) in 2003, trying to promote using limes not only for her delicious taste but also for her health benefits.Today the top-five lime-producing countries United States, Mexico (more than 90% of the key limes in the world), Italy, Spain and India.