Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit. Its size (30 centimeters in diameter) and weight (up to 10 kilos) makes it easily known and explains the name in Latin: “Citrus Maxima”. It grows, like any other citrus, in tropical areas and doesn’t bear low temperatures. It has a spongy thick rid and a pale yellow to green color when ripe; its taste is sweet, resembling to the grapefruit’s taste, but has nothing to do with the bitterness of the latter. Pomelo is native to Southern Asia – Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii, for a more exact localization. Because of its rareness its price is higher (in USA is sold for at least 2$ a piece).  The most appreciated variety is the Chandler with a smoother skin followed by Tangelo and a Vietnamese variety.

The fruit is sodium and fat free and is a great source of potassium and vitamin C. Only a fourth of a pomelo (152 grams) provides 130% of the daily recommended doses of vitamin C and has 60 calories.

Chinese use the skins and leaves for preparing ceremonial baths by boiling them. The purpose is to cleanse the person and repel evil.